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Taking Care of Your Hair Extensions

While the best hair extensions will make you and your hair appear beautiful when you leave the salon, maintaining them in excellent condition depends on how you maintain them at home. It is important that you maintain an aftercare program, which will increase the duration of your extensions. In this blog our professionals from the top hair salon in Perth, will bring some of the important Do's and Don'ts of hair extension. Check them out here.

The Do's Of Hair Extension

There is nothing worse than damaged, tangled, and non-lustrous hair extensions. Hence, follow these the best hairdresser tips to take care of your hair extension:

● Before bed or exercise, secure your hair in a loose ponytail or braid to prevent tangling or tugging.

● Comb your hair and hair extensions thoroughly before shampooing.

● Utilise professional hair care products that aren't oil or silicone-based. We need protein in our hair.

● Always use deep moisturizing conditioners.

● Always apply a leave-in conditioner and heat protectant after washing your hair.

● Check that the heat level on your hairdryer is set to LOW while drying the hair roots where the extensions meet.

● Brush your hair twice daily, in the morning and at night. We advise using a Detangler Brush on the hair extensions to prevent tangling the connected portion.

● Our hair extensions contain human hair, however since they are not linked to your scalp, the only nourishment they get comes from what you put on them, as opposed to your actual hair, which is nourished by your scalp. To maintain healthy locks, it is essential to use a high quality shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and heat protectant such as our in salon brand Keune.

● Learn the correct way of shampooing your hair. If possible, use the shower to wash your hair. It will allow the water to flow down your hair.

The Don'ts Of Hair Extensions

● Never go to bed with wet hair. Your hair is most fragile while it is damp, so tossing and turning during sleep may damage your natural hair and extensions. Even if you take additional care to brush away knots, you will exert enormous pressure on the bonds, pulling on your scalp and weakening the bonds.

● Wait to wash your hair for 48 hours following your first extension treatment visit.

● Do not massage the region around the extensions' roots. Never use your hands while washing your hair; only use your fingertips.

● Do not forcefully massage the hair during washing or conditioning.

● Keep conditioner and other treatments at least two inches away from the bond/tape, as they may cause the extensions to slide or fall out.

● Do not bleach or dye your extensions.

● After shampooing and applying conditioner, let your hair dry to 50 and 70 per cent before brushing. Either dry naturally or use a blow dryer.

● When combing your extensions, you should always begin at the ends and work your way upwards. Hold the portion you are brushing from the root as you brush each segment to prevent knots from causing strain. Remember that the extensions are semi-permanent and may fall out or pull out your natural hair if you are overly aggressive.

● Do not soak your hair in the pool or sea. Since salt water and chlorine can dry out your extensions.

● Don't leave the hair to remain oily or dirty for too long.

● Avoid using too many hair care products.

With this guide, caring for your hair extension is much easier, and you can extend the life of your extensions. Book your free consultation to create some magic.


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